Venus in Taurus: Strong Character & False Persona

Full Guide to your Venus in Taurus

By diving into your Venus in Taurus you gain insight into your love persona and aspects of your persona. With your Venus in Taurus you’re keen on getting to uncover all of the layers of your partner. You’re also intelligent enough to put up a fake personality. That masks what you think or how you feel.

venus in taurus full guide

What does Venus represent in Astrology?

Venus is considered to be the Planet of Love, Romance and Deep emotions in Astrology. Therefore, Venus has a significant impact on shaping our preferences and dislikes when it comes to relationships. By diving into the meaning of your Venus in Taurus, you gain insight into your love personality. 

Venus influences all aspects of your Love Life.

More specifically, Venus helps you to express your romance and love by influencing your behavior. This leads to your love personality, which makes your partner knowledgeable of the love that you have for them. 

Your Venus Sign also plays a significant role in shaping your nurturing and empathetic side. Therefore, it gives you the tools and the perspective to be kind and accommodating to those around you. Venus also perfects your tolerance and your ability to remain open for new views and experiences.  

Why you should know what your Venus in Taurus means

Your Venus in Taurus will shape important aspects of your persona: who you are at your deepest core. By understanding what your Venus in Taurus means you gain insight into your love personality. This will make it much easier for you understand how others perceive your attempts at making or showing love. Your Venus in Taurus will also provide you with the blue print to how you can make someone fall in love with your true-self. 

Another reason you should know what your Venus in Taurus is, because it reveals what your soft side is comprised of. On your road to self-discovery this side of you is important to understand. You’ll see that there is much more to world if you look past your assumptions and your pessimism. By being open and welcoming to new people and events you can do the thinking for yourself. In order to become a wise person, that is admired by others. Your ability to think and to convince others of the good, will be your most valuable treasure.  

Romance….that’s what many Astrologers immediately think of when Venus is brought up. And for good reason, because this pearly white Planet has the biggest influence out of all of the 9 Planets on our romantic side. Your Venus in Taurus will provide you with the key to your romantic side.  

More specifically, your Venus in Taurus will influence the early stages of your relationship. This time is characterized by love that is fiery and new. You and your partner still have a lot to discover about each other. You’ll succeed in discovering more about each other, by doing new activities. Your Venus in Taurus will also influence how you solve the problems that you face in your relationship. And the way you and partner find solace in each other’s presence. These are the most important reasons for understanding your Venus in Taurus.

What does it mean when Venus is in Taurus?

Someone with their Venus in Taurus is characterized by their relaxed and extravagant demeanor. This is all, because of Venus’ position in Taurus. On a grounded level: if your Venus is in Taurus, you can be very expressive when it comes to love. While also being very blank and unsolvable when angry. The people around you consider you to be someone with deep dimensions to their personality. This makes it very difficult to describe what your true personality is, and what isn’t. We’ll dive into your layered personality as well as your romantic side as influenced by Venus in Taurus in this section. 

What Venus in Taurus says about the romance in your life

Your Venus in Taurus has a big impact on your romantic side. As someone with their Venus in Taurus you choose to love expensively. This means that you like to shower your partner with expensive gifts and experiences. This ignites the flame within your relationship, because it creates excitement and fond memories. 

When you and your partner travel, you gain the ability to explore yourself and your partner. You open yourself up to new experiences and a new world. You also allow yourself to get closer to your partner to unravel all of the layers that they’re comprised of. By putting your partner in different situations and places, you get to discover different sides of who they are.

In your relationship you want to reveal all of the layers that your partner is comprised of. 

The love between you and your partner also remains fiery and exciting for a unique reason. You have a strong belief that there is more to your partner than they show to you. This makes you driven and dedicated to reveal their true-personality. As a result of this the relationship seeks to uncover what they’re comprised of. And if your partner has any idea of what a Venus in Taurus means. Then they’re also positive that your true-persona still remains hidden. As a result of this, you and partner constantly chase each other to reveal more layers of each other’s personality. And to eventually reveal each other’s true-self. 

For someone with their Venus in Taurus romance is like a chase with deep emotions. You want to know what plays in the mind of your partner. And you want your partner to gain access to your emotions, because they’ll be able to understand you much better. This is why you consider your relationship to be a convergence of energies from two people. 

Why are you so good at both expressing & hiding of your emotions?

People with their Venus in Taurus have the best of both worlds. This is how they should be described in the shortest way. On one side, they’re expressive when it comes to their emotions and their personality. They express themselves through their sense of fashion, slang and their emotional attributes. This makes it easy for the people around them to understand what they’re about and how they feel. 

You use your expressive manners as a facade for how you really feel.

On the other side, they also tend to use their demeanor as a mask. If the people around them see their sense of fashion, slang and emotions as a reflection of how they feel. They can use this as a facade to trick people. The intensity and casual manner of this demeanor tricks the people around you. 

People with their Venus in Taurus are therefore, considered to be quite intelligent. They know how to pull attention to the parts of their life that they want publicized. And they know how to push away attention from the aspects of their life that they want to harness in private.  

And for good reason, because some aspects of your life should be exposed to the person that understands it the most. The point of your life is to guide it the way you want to and to shape it to your wishes. This will allow you to create a strong character that is supported by the people around you and not governed. In other words: someone with their Venus in Taurus lives the way they want and isn’t easily submitted into a corner with peer-pressure.  

Your strong character allows you to walk on your own path. And to mold yourself in the way you find most fitting for your true-self. 

Where you can find your Venus Sign

Finding your Venus Sign is relatively easy with online computer software programs. Like Cafe Astrology’s Venus Sign calculator. Just enter your birthday, birth time and birthplace. After you’ve clicked submit the calculator will calculate your Venus Sign. 

If possible, please enter your correct birth time. Because, if Venus was in transit which means that Venus was moving from one Zodiac Sign into another Zodiac Sign. So, on your birthday Venus was in two Zodiac Signs. By filling in your birth time, the chance is lowered that you calculate a wrong Venus Sign. 

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