Venus in Gemini: Spontaneous Q-time w/ Partner & Purposeful Life

Full Guide to your Venus in Gemini

With your Venus in Gemini you treasure the time you can spend with your partner more than any material gift. This is why you like to come up with spontaneous trips & simple activities. You’re also on track to seek purpose in your life.

venus in gemini full guide

What does Venus represent in Astrology?

According to the Romans Venus is the Planet of Love. Astrologers also consider Venus to govern our romantic and loving side. This pearly white Planet has a significant influence on guiding our relationships into a certain direction. And to decide how much of our romantic side we show to our partners.  

Venus influences all facets of your romantic side. From the moment you get a whiff of your crushes scent and feel butterflies. To the moment you go on your first date. Venus is always there. Even during the tough times that you face in your relationships, Venus’ influence will help you get the romance back into your relationship in this situation. 

Your Venus Sign, which is the position of Venus in of the 12 Zodiac Signs on your birthday will provide you with the blue print of your love personality.

By understanding your Venus Sign you’ll gain a deep understanding of: 

  1. how your partner perceives and experiences your love;
  2. your strengths when it comes to being in relationships;
  3. And (3) your ability to rejoice with your partner after your relational fights. 

In short: Venus influences the romantic parts of your life, resulting in your love personality. Your love personality is your appearance to the world. It enables you to show your crush that you’re interested in them. Or it gives you the ability to keep your long-term relationship interesting. Any and all aspects of your life, that are concerned with romance will be influenced by the Planet of Love: Venus. 

Where can you find your Venus Sign?

Finding your Venus Sign is relatively complex, because of the complex Astronomy and Math that you’d have to use. Fortunately, there are online computer programs that can accurately calculate the position of Venus relative to Earth on the day of your birth. One of these programs is Cafe Astrology’s Venus Sign’s calculator. Just enter your birthday, birth time and birthplace. After you’ve clicked submit your Venus Sign will appear. 

If possible, please enter your correct birth time. Because, if Venus was moving from one Zodiac Sign into another Zodiac Sign. You may get the wrong Venus Sign. We call these days transits, that’s when a planet moves from one Zodiac Sign into another. So, on a particular day Venus is positioned in two Zodiac Signs. 

What does it mean when Venus is in Gemini?

If your Venus is in Gemini you don’t like to plan your romantical outings. And you make it your mission to understand and to figure out your partner. Someone with their Venus in Gemini is endlessly fascinating, but just as complicated as they are fascinating. Understanding and reading what they feel or think will feel like an impossible task to most people. Let’s dive deeper into their layered persona and their unique way of displaying romance. 


Venus in Gemini points to someone that isn’t too keen on finding structure and systems in most aspects of their life. You are more concerned with enjoying and experiencing the journey, than you are obsessed with the destination.  

Your relationship has no real end goal. All you focus on is the day-to-day bonding with your partner.

The same goes for your romantic life. You don’t have an ideal plan for what the end destination should be for you and your partner. Instead, you like to be focused on the day at hand and how the two of you can enjoy each other. This is why you show your love by planning spontaneous dates or trips. You enjoy surprising your partner by exploring the unbeaten path. Or by doing something that is new to the both of you. Because, this activity or trip is new to the both you, you both bond over the curiosity that you share. 

As someone with their Venus in Gemini you’re extremely interested in understanding what your partner is comprised of. You want to make it your task, to give your partner the best type of love. And to be as supportive and tolerant as you can possibly be. You can be of most use to your partner if you can understand their past struggles and their best achievements. This will allow you to support them by reminding them of how far they’ve come. Or how they’ve been able to overcome all of the obstacles that were in front of them. 

And lastly, with your Venus in Gemini your sensual side also has a big influence on your good relationship. Because, you are so focused on your partner’s emotions and feelings you can transport them into another dimension through touch. You like to focus on their energy and choose to intensify or to match it based on the vibe. You also tend to absorb yourself into your partner’s emotions and feelings. Therefore, every move you make and act you perform maximizes feelings. 


If your Venus is in Gemini, you have a hidden personality. This means that there are different dimensions to your emotions, feelings and attitude. Which makes you experience your personality inward. You’re not too keen on showing others what you think or feel. Your emotional intelligence allows you to keep your real emotions and feelings hidden by tricking others into believing your facade. 

At times your partner finds it difficult to look past the mask you put on.

Your hidden personality makes it difficult for your lover to understand what you feel and how you feel it. Fortunately, as times moves on your partner tends to notice certain traits that give real indications about your emotions. This leads to a secret way of communicating with your lover, through this new connection. However, people with their Venus in Gemini only allow those they trust into this emotional connection. So, if you plan on dating someone with their Venus in Gemini, you’ll have to prove your true intentions first. 


Someone with their Venus in Gemini is mainly defined by their curiosity. Your open questions and your quest for answers makes you appear like a real scientist. This translates into a mood that can stimulate itself, because you’re energized by the purpose you feel in your life. You know deep within that you’re destined for greatness. And this will only be achieved if you embrace the challenges that you face. Therefore, your mood is mainly comprised of being hopeful and positive. 

On occasion you may feel like your tank is empty to move forward. Your ability to ask others for support or advice is testes during the tough times that you face. Even though you’re hard like a soldier and courageous as a warrior. You shouldn’t hesitate to ask others for help. They may help you to find the fire within you once more. Or they might even help you to reach your goals. This is important advice for someone with their Venus in Gemini, because they tend to only rely on themselves to reach their goals.

What is someone with their Venus in Gemini attracted to?

In a simple way someone with their Venus in Gemini is attracted to effort. They want to be shown how much they’re loved through action. They want their partner to hand write letters or to come up with unique date ideas. Apart from this, they also want their partner to surprise them which keeps the relationship interesting and them on their toes. 

Someone with their Venus in Gemini is also concerned with the emotional commitment of their partner. This means that they want their partner to add meanings to gifts. By buying them something that reminds them of a special time the both of you have had. Or by revisiting places where you first met or had your first kisses. All in all, someone with their Venus in Gemini treasures the sentimental side of the relationship. 

How do you make someone with their Venus in Gemini feel loved?

To make someone with their Venus in Gemini feel loved you should be speaking their language. More specifically, you should show them your love the same way they show love. Firstly, people with their Venus in Gemini like spontaneous trips and activities with their partner. You could surprise them with a surprise that you’ve planned out at a special place. This leads me to the second way of showing love.  

Someone with their Venus in Gemini likes to receive gifts that have a deep meaning. So, a gift that reminds them of a special time or place is the best way into their heart. It also shows that you have the ability to address their preferences. And to live in their sentimental and emotional world. 

Show your love to someone with their Venus in Gemini by taking them on surprise dates or trips. Or give them a gift that has a deep meaning that reminds them of a certain place or time in their life. This way you’ll gain access to their layered personality and their emotions. 

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