Venus Cancer: Hard to Get & Introverted

Full Guide to your Venus in Cancer

Your Venus in Cancer makes you protective of your emotions. Therefore, potential partners have to prove themselves before you allow them into your life. Your Venus in Cancer also affects your introverted personality.

venus in cancer full guide

What does Venus represent in Astrology?

In Astrology Venus is considered to be the Planet of Love, Romance and Beauty. This means that Venus governs all aspects of your love life. Therefore, playing a major role in shaping your love persona, your preferences for partners. And your way of expressing your heartfelt love for partners. 

By understanding how Venus influences you, you’ll gain more insight into how those around you perceive and experience your love. You’ll also gain insight into how you express your romantic interest in a less noticeable way. For example, the small talk with your partner before bed is considered to be the highlight of your relationship. By cherishing this intimate moment, you express the genuineness of the love you have for your partner. 

Venus’ role is important in our life, because of its influence on our love life. From the moment you first lay eyes on your crush. Venus helps you to garner their attention by making you pay attention to your beauty. And the common ground that you share with your crush. This will prepare you to make the first move on your crush. 

When you enter a relationship, Venus influences you to keep the relationship strong and interesting. This allows you to get along with your partner, by growing together. You grow together by sharing experiences and taking on new challenges in the relationship. For these important aspects of your relationship to succeed you and your partner need to foster the love that each of you have for one another. So, the both of you can be supportive of one another. 

What a Venus Sign is & Where you can find it

Your Venus Sign is based off of Venus’ position in 1 of the 12 Zodiac Signs. Your Venus Sign is the result of Venus’ position in 1 of the 12 Zodiac Signs at the time of your birth and your birthplace.   

This concept may seem complicated to understand, but it’s really simple. The 12 Zodiac Signs are like a map of the sky. And because the Planets in the sky are constantly moving. During a calendar year most of them travel through all of the 12 Zodiac Signs. And stay in a Zodiac Sign for no longer than a month. Not all Planets, because some orbit more than one year around the Sun, e.g., Neptune’s orbit around the Sun takes 165 years. Venus travels through all of the 12 Zodiac Signs in around 228 days. The result of this movement is your Venus Sign. 

A Venus Sign combines the influence of the Planet Venus on your love life. With the specific characteristics of a Zodiac Sign. Therefore, your Venus Sign will give you insight into how Venus’ influence on your love life is realized through your personality traits. 

In short, your Venus Sign combines the influence of Venus with specific Zodiac Sign traits. Therefore, you can gain insight into your personality traits when you’re in love or in a relationship. 

Where can you find your Venus Sign? 

Finding your Venus Sign will require a lot of Astronomy and Advanced Math. To find your Venus Sign you’ll have to calculate the position of Venus on the day of your birth. Luckily, there are online computer programs that can do this calculation swiftly. Cafe Astrology’s Venus Sign calculator is by far the best one out there. Just enter your birthday, birth time and birthplace. After you’ve clicked submit your Venus Sign will be calculated. 

Be sure to enter your correct birth time. Because, if Venus was in transit on the day of your birth you may generate a different Venus Sign. Venus is in transit when it moves from one Zodiac Sign into another Zodiac Sign. So, on the same day Venus is basically present in two Zodiac Signs. 

The meaning of Venus in Cancer

1. Romance 

1.1. Protective of emotions and self 

When it comes to romance someone with their Venus in Cancer is hard to swindle. You are hard to get, because you’re so protective of your emotions. The only people that succeed at making you fall in love with them. Are those that have persevered and have proven their true intentions to you. You set the bar for a potential lover high, because you want to them to cherish you as much as you cherish yourself. 

Your day-to-day routine involves you taking care of your mindfulness, wellness and beauty. You pay extensive attention to almost every aspect of who you are. From your emotions all the way to your clothing. This makes you well aware of the high maintenance when it comes to keeping you happy. Therefore, you are so protective of who you truly are until your potential lover has proven themselves. 

1.2. Likes to treasure non-materialistic goods 

Someone with their Venus in Cancer falls in love with all of the aspects of their partner. The good and the bad traits of your partner, form the ultimate cocktail that you like. This means that you love your partner their bad side as much as you love their good side. Because, their bad side is also a part of who they truly are. The key here is, that you only love their bad side if they’re willing to work on improvement with your support. 

With your Venus in Cancer, you like to spend time with your partner. And you like to fill the relationship with memorable experiences and unique adventures. You are more concerned with the feelings that your partner gives you, than with the gifts they get you. This is why you don’t like to receive expensive gifts without meaning. Instead, you’d opt-in for a simple gift that has a special meaning that’s given by your partner. 

Someone with their Venus in Cancer prefers a simple gift with sentimental meaning instead of expensive gift without meaning.

This is not uncommon for the Sign of Venus, because it’s so concerned with the non-materialistic side of our persona. Therefore, your Venus in Cancer allows you to focus on the non-materialistic side of your relationship. For example, trips, late night talks or just sitting in each other’s presence. 

2. Personality 

Because someone with their Venus in Cancer is so concerned with protecting their emotions. They’re like a book that’s hard to open, therefore making it hard to read the book. And when the book is finally opened, the text is also too complex to read. The point is, someone with their Venus in Cancer can only be persuaded and befriended after a long time of trying. You have to be committed to earn their trust and to get them to open up. For these reasons, someone with their Venus in Cancer is considered to be an introvert. 

Another side of the personality of someone with their Venus in Cancer is their ability to focus on the abstract aspects of life. This indicates that you don’t particularly focus on the material aspects of life. But rather of the hidden details, symbols and the articulate meaning. For example, you like to see a rainbow as the end of a bad time. And the beginning of a much better time. Your mind also likes to wander to think about the good that was brought as a result of the rainbow. More specifically, the way rain watered the plants which lead to the rainbow.  

Your inward persona and your deep way of thinking makes you a unique person. It’s safe to say that your Venus in Cancer contributes to your strong character. And your ability to see and to think like no one else. 

How can you utilize the strength of Venus in Cancer

Your Venus in Cancer does a few things for you romantically and personality-wise. 

Romantically, your Venus in Cancer helps you to acknowledge your true worth. Which guides you to a partner that is willing to make an effort to respect your emotions and feelings. Your Venus in Cancer also helps you to be of support to your partner, because it allows you to bond with them in a pure way.  

You can utilize the strength of your Venus in Cancer by focusing on quality time with your partner. You can achieve this by finding ways to support them. Or to do activities that are completely new to the both of you. Both of these activities will allow the two of you to bond and to get closer. 

Personality-wise, your Venus in Cancer allows you to focus on what makes you the truest version of yourself. Because, you like to think deeply of the world around you. You get to form your own identity and your own way of dealing with the world. 

This will result in you becoming more philosophical and a better understander of the purpose of life. It may be a bit too soon to say know. But, the more you question the world. The better prepared you are to improve it. So, utilize your Venus in Cancer to bring about renewal and change, because it’s within your reach.

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