Venus in Leo: A Jealous Lover

Deep Dive into everything you need to know about Venus in Leo

Your Venus in Leo plays a major role in influencing your romantic life. Someone with their Venus in Leo is regarded for their passion and loyalty. And they’re also keen on keeping their partner for themselves. This is why the majority of people with their Venus in Leo are quite jealous lovers.

venusinleo explained

What does Venus represent in Astrology?

According to most astrologers Venus is the Planet of Love, Romance and Beauty. This means that Venus is the most influential celestial body on the facets of our romantic life. For this reason, it is crucial to understand what Venus’ position in your birth chart says about your romantic life. 

Venus is mainly concerned with influencing your romantic life. Therefore, shaping your love personality. Your love personality includes everything about the way you express love and the way you remind others of your romantic interest.  

Your love personality plays a role at every stage of your relationship. When you first lay eyes on your crush. Your love personality will help you to gain their attention through beautifying yourself or by finding common interests. After you enter a relationship your love personality will be mainly concerned with strengthening the connection between you and your partner.  

Your love personality as governed by Venus will also play a role during all of the fights that you have with your partner. More specifically, it’ll allow you and your partner to cool off and to set differences aside. In order to become much more affectionate and considerate of each other’s emotions. In this particular situation your Venus will provide you with a leading role to put the issues between you and your partner aside. 

What is a Venus Sign?

Your Venus Sign is the result of the planet Venus’ position in 1 of the 12 Zodiac Signs in your birth chart. The position of Venus in your birth chart is based on your birthtime and your birthplace.  

Your birthtime is necessary to determine your Venus Sign, because on some days Venus moves from one Zodiac Sign into another Zodiac Sign. Therefore, Venus is in two Zodiac Signs on the same day. By using your birthtime (instead of your birthday) you can accurately find your Venus Sign. 

And your birthplace is necessary to determine your Venus Sign accurately. Because, the planets that are positioned in Zodiac Signs in your birth chart are a snapshot of the sky. Your Venus Sign can only be determined if you have a clear idea of what the sky looked like from your birthplace. A simple example, when you’re born close to the equator you are closest to the Sun. Therefore, the Sun tends to dominate your birth chart. 

How to find your Venus Sign

Finding your Venus Sign is relatively easy with online computer software programs. These programs save you the hassle of calculating your Venus Sign with advanced Astronomy and Math. 

One of these online programs is Café Astrology’s Venus Sign calculator. Just enter your birthday, birth time and birthplace. After you’ve clicked submit the calculator will calculate Venus’ position. As a result of this, you’ll get your Venus Sign.

Full Meaning of Venus in Leo

If your Venus is positioned in Leo, you’ll have specific traits that are unique to you only. These traits will influence how romantic you are. As well as the type of type of personality that you’ll have. And the way your mood is expressive of your mindset. In this section we’ll explore how Venus in Leo affects your romance, personality and mood. 


Someone with their Venus in Leo has unique ways of expressing the love they have for their partner. With your Venus in Leo, you are characterized by your ability to make you partner feel special. You dive into the emotions of your partner through your passionate words and thoughts. Your way of expressing romance by going on dates and trips is straight out of a romantic fairy tale. 

The Sign of Leo is characterized by passion and loyalty. So, it’s no surprise that someone with their Venus in Leo is passionate and loyal to their partner. You are loyal, because you cherish the emotional bond that you have with your partner. This sense of inter-connectedness and shared energies makes the two of you get closer. This allows you to feel everything your partner feels. As a result of this, you immediately know when there is something wrong and what you can do to solve a particular issue your partner is having.  

Through your commitment for the relationship with your partner, you also uphold your sense of loyalty. This should be seen as the strong foundation that your relationship is built upon. All of this is significantly influenced by Venus’ position in Leo, which depicts how romantic you are. 

With your Venus in Leo, you also tend to be greedy when it comes to your partner. You get very dramatic when your partner doesn’t give you enough attention or assurance in the relationship. The main cause for your dramatic demeanor lies in the fact that you want to uphold the intimacy with your partner. 


With your Venus in Leo your personality is quite assertive and authoritative. You like to take the lead in situations where there is no clear structure. This is because you personally seek to find discipline and structure in your own life. As a result of this you are quite uptight and already self-assured. Your Venus in Leo allows you to lead by setting a good example. And by conveying others of supporting a common goal. 

Your high sense of achievements and great ambition also put you in front of the train. People look up to you for guidance. And they look your way to figure out what they should do next. These traits are the common personality traits of a leader that is influenced by their Venus’ position in Leo. 

The traits leadership and guidance are very typical for Leo. This is why specifically Venus’ position in Leo allows your personality to share that of a real leader. 


As someone with their Venus in Leo your day-to-day mood is fierce. You’re always looking for your next great challenge. Or another opportunity to prove yourself. This is why you actively look for new challenges that can increase the lengthen the list of your achievements. 

There is a special reason why someone with their Venus in Leo is seeking challenges. Within you, you have a flame that is burning quite bright. This creates your drive and energizes you daily. As a result of this, you’re driven and ambitious when you wake up in the morning. And at night you can look back at day full of achievements, which makes the flame stronger. 

Advice for people with their Venus in Leo: keep looking for the challenges that fit up your ally; Allow yourself to become the best at something. The flame you have within you is waiting on you to feed it. 

What is someone with their Venus in Leo attracted to?

Throughout this entire article I’ve hinted at romance and love quite a few times. This is no coincidence, because Venus is the Planet of Love and Romance. So, it would be fitting to speak about the things someone with their Venus in Leo is attracted to. 

The best way to someone with a Venus Leo their heart is by speaking their love language. Think about it like this, if someone expresses love in a certain way. It is most likely the way they think love should be expressed. The same would go for someone with a Venus Leo. They express their love in a certain way, because they find it normal or most fitting. If you do the same to them, the level of romantic interest that you have in them becomes much more noticeable to them. 

Someone with their Venus in Leo is attracted to a partner that can show a high level of interest in the all of the bits that they’re comprised of. They also want a partner that can be exclusive to them only in terms of emotions and shared energies.  

Do these things to make someone with their Venus in Leo attracted to you: 

(1) Focus on making them feel special. You can do this by building a strong connection or by having a keen interest in their persona. This way of engagement will make them more prone to acknowledge your persona, because they can relate to you. 

(2) Harness the energy between the two of you. This will take time and is quite frankly the most difficult, because it’s so abstract. Harnessing energy will require the both of you to get to know each other extensively. And to start feeling compassion for each other. After enough time has passed, you may start to feel everything your partner goes through like it is happening to you. This is indicative of strong energies between you two. 

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