Venus in Virgo: You've lost yourself, because you put your partner above yourself

Full Analysis of your Venus in Virgo

With your Venus in Virgo, your affection doesn’t have to be sought by your partner. You’re romantic and keen on showing your partner how much you love them. However, your commitment is often taken for granted, because they don’t match your energy.

venus in virgo

What is a Venus Sign?

In astrology Venus is considered to be the Planet of Love, Beauty and Romance. It has a significant influence on your romantic life and the way you express your love. Venus is the only Planet in the solar system that is concerned with impacting your love life. By understanding what Venus’ placement in your birth chart means, you gain insight into all of the aspects of your Love life. 

Venus influences all of aspects of your Love life. More specifically, it is concerned with helping you to gain your crush attention. It also affects how you express romance, interest and passion for your partner. And the way you embrace your partner’s flaws to find beauty in their imperfect ways. 

Venus is basically the Planet that makes you fall head over heels for someone you have feelings for. To understand who you fall for, you’ll have to interpret the meaning of your Descendant Sign which you can find here. Your Descendant Sign guides you to a partner that completes you. And Venus helps you to express how much you appreciate and love your partner. 

Venus’ influence on you is noticeable every single time that you’re in love. Whether you’ve just laid eyes on someone new. Or if you’re already in a long-distance relationship. Venus influences you every time you’re in love.  

Why you need to know what your Venus Sign means

By understanding your Venus Sign you can gain insight into your love personality. This personality has specific traits that are the result of Venus’ position in 1 of the 12 Zodiac Signs in your birth chart. Your Venus Sign is the result of the Planet Venus’ position in 1of the 12 Zodiac Signs. 

By understanding your Venus Sign you will gain insight into the ways you express romance. As well as the preferences that you have when it comes to a relationship. Or the difficulties your partner will have to face when they’re in a relationship with you. 

Your Venus Sign will also provide you with ways to make someone more knowledgeable of your interest in them. And the way you treasure special moments with them. 

How to find your Venus Sign

Finding your Venus Sign is relatively easy with online computer software programs. These programs save you the hassle of calculating your Venus Sign with advanced Astronomy and Math. 

One of these online programs is Café Astrology’s Venus Sign calculator. Just enter your birthday, birth time and birthplace. After you’ve clicked submit the calculator will calculate Venus’ position. As a result of this, you’ll get your Venus Sign.

Full Meaning of Venus in Virgo


As someone with their Venus in Virgo you are characterized by the way you show affection for your partner. Your soft and reassuring touch gives your partner a sense of comfort. They’re also obsessed with the non-verbal ways you show you love and commitment. By simply rubbing their feet or massaging their back, your love is translated in multiple ways. You’re also not hesitant to put yourself in a bit of an uncomfortable situation. If that means for the moment your partner is the happiest person earth. 

Being in a relationship with someone that has their Venus in Virgo will never involve a situation, where affection has to be sought. Or where your partner has to think deeply of all of the times you’ve showed genuine love and interest in them. With your Venus in Virgo, you’re always there for your partner through thick and thin. Like a bench or an upstanding tree your versatile way of comforting your partner is truly the best of romance. 

Big concerns do arrive for people with their Venus in Virgo. Because, you are so focused on doing everything for your partner. And putting your partner at the center of your world. You may lose sense of the things that personally make you happy. You may also find very little time to prioritize your own “me-time”, because you’re so involved in your partner’s life. 

The key in your romantic life is to have balance. A healthy balance of quality time with your partner. And time to prioritize activities that you like to do on your own. This will also help you to maintain your own identity by embracing who you already are. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with indulging yourself in your partner’s life. As long as you don’t lose sight of yours all is well. 


With your Venus in Virgo, you are actively engaged in your community, through your sense of service. You’re also keen on solving imperfections on a personal and societal level. This reveals a hidden side of yourself. Someone with their Venus in Virgo is not satisfied with something that works. They want it to work perfectly; to the best of its ability. This is why you go out of your way to make this happen. Your actions are attributes of your perfectionistic approach to life. 

In your personal life, you’re also quite the practical perfectionist. This means that you’re always there to help your friends with their problems whenever they’re stuck. You show empathy and support by being comforting and reassuring. You also have your own unique ways of making feel more hopeful about the better times ahead whenever life gets tough. 

The traits of someone with their Venus in Virgo: perfectionist, empathetic and practical problem solver

What is someone with their Venus in Virgo attracted to?

Whenever I do astrological readings for people and they ask me what their partner is attracted to. I always race to understand what their partner’s Venus Sign means. A Venus Sign is a great way to understand what someone is attracted to. Because, it allows you to speak their love language. 

Think about it like this. Someone their Venus Sign express love in the ways we mentioned here above. They do this, because they consider that to be the “right way”. By putting them on the receiving end of their actions, through replication of their actions. It becomes much more visible to them that you love them. 

So, someone with their Venus is attracted to someone that speaks their love language. If you want to attract someone with a Venus in Virgo. Start by showing them that you can also embrace their imperfections. You can follow this with a listening ear, that can make a distinction between helping to solve a problem or to just provide an ear to rant. Sometimes people just want to complain and to let certain things out. By understanding this side of someone with a Venus Virgo, you can show them that you really understand them. 

Someone with their Venus in Virgo also likes to be the center of their partner’s attention. So, don’t forget to show them how much they mean to you. Through quality time or sentimental gifts.

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