What does Mercury mean in Astrology & How does it influence you?

A Complete Guide to all 12 Mercury Signs

Your Mercury Sign will provide you with the blue print to your intelligence. It will reveal how you learn and how challenge others their opinions. By understanding your Mercury Sign you’ll become a better leader or arguer.

mercury full guide

What does Mercury represent in Astrology?

Mercury ( )is the smallest Planet in our Solar system. Despite its small size, this sparkly gray Planet plays a significant role in shaping you into the best version of yourself.  

Mercury governs your intelligence and the way you learn. It also influences the way you debate and the way you challenge others their views.

Mercury is the Ruler of Gemini and Virgo. Geminis are known to be spontaneous and curious. Their willingness to explore the unknown out of intrinsic motivation is influenced by Mercury. And Virgos are known to be logical and systematic. This is also because of Mercury’s influence on their intelligence. Because of Mercury’s influence on Gemini and Virgo arguing or debating with either a Gemini or Virgo will be fierce and full of tensions. 

Mercury is considered to be the Planet that governs your intelligence and your desire to learn. It plays a major role in giving you the ability to understand the world. This knowledge can be used to better who you are as a person. Or it can give you the ability to innovate and to change the world. 

Mercury is also the only Planet that influences you your entire life. From the moment you were born till the moment you die. This is because Mercury influences your education and the way you make sense of your surroundings. The educational aspects influenced by Mercury are your interest in academic topics or your passion for debates among others. And the way you make sense of your surroundings is translated into the way you read others their emotions or guess their next move.  

How Mercury influences you during the different stages of your life

Mercury’s influence will be prevalent in every stage of your life, because you keep learning new things throughout your entire life. This makes Mercury quite special, because it’s the one of few Planets that influence you every day of your life. For example, the Planet Venus only influences you when you’re in love. Therefore, depicting your love persona. Or the way Planet Jupiter influences your optimism to guide you out of troubled times. This is also seasonal, because your life isn’t only comprised of tough times. 

Early life

During the early stages of your life, Mercury influences your comprehension and communication skills. From your pubescent years until your teenager years Mercury will influence the foundation on which all of your future knowledge will be built. This part of your life is important, because it’ll give the ability to understand the world. During this stage Mercury will also influence how you communicate your thoughts and your emotions. 


During your teenager years till your mid-thirties, Mercury will influence your interest in particular academic topics. Or more generally speaking you’ll notice that you feel much more passionate about certain issues with the world. And you’ll be driven by your great ambition to bring this to a halt which makes you driven to solve big problems. This is very usual; at this point in your life, you have a fresh way of looking at the world. But most importantly you’re adaptable and tolerant. This will allow you to progress your life. 


In your mid-life, Mercury will influence your philosophy of the world. At this stage in your life, you’ve been through a lot and you’ve seen a lot. This will lead to your own perspective on the world that is unique to you. And this will be translated in preferences and dislikes. At this point in your life, Mercury will also influence how you think the world should be. Geared with all of your knowledge and experience you’ll notice that the world is full of imperfections. Mercury will therefore, give you the strength to figure out an alternative or a better solution for worldly issues. 

What's a Mercury Sign?

Your Mercury Sign is the result of Mercury’s position in one of the 12 Zodiac Signs. Mercury influences your intelligence and your desire to learn. This is applicable to almost everyone (nothing special right?). The special part comes when Mercury is positioned in one of the 12 Zodiac Signs. Each of the 12 Zodiac Signs depict personality traits that are unique to them. 

Therefore, when Mercury is positioned in 1 of the 12 Zodiac, you get personality traits that are influenced by Mercury. In other words, your personality when it comes to showing (or using) your intelligence. And your personality when it comes to looking for new knowledge and utilizing new knowledge. 

Geared with your Mercury Sign’s interpretation you now have a much better grasp on the type of behavior you exert when showing your intelligence. Or your demeanor when you debate, transfer knowledge or hunt for new evidence. The best way to understand this, is to interpret your Mercury Sign (further down this article). 

Where you can find your Mercury Sign

Your Mercury Sign is the result of the planet Mercury’s position based on your birthday, birth time and birthplace. Therefore, finding your birth chart will involve a lot of astronomy and advanced math. Luckily, there are computer software programs that can make this task much easier. For example, Cafe astrology’s Mercury Sign calculator. This is by far the best Mercury Sign calculator out there. Just enter your birthday, birth time and birth city. After you’ve clicked submit your Mercury Sign will be calculated.  

Be sure to enter your correct birth time if you can. Because if Mercury was in transit on your birth day (: moving from one Zodiac Sign to another Zodiac Sign). You’ll be getting an entirely wrong Mercury Sign. 

The Meaning of all of the 12 Mercury Signs

Now that we’ve taken a look at what Mercury influences. As well as when Mercury influences you. It’s time to take a look at how Mercury influences your personality. Therefore, shaping your personality traits that are ruled by Mercury.  

Mercury in Aries 

Someone with their Mercury in Aries has a lot of energy to get to the root of problems. This means that you like to do intensive research. And you like to conduct interviews with people to get their standpoint on complex problems. If your Mercury is in Aries, you also like to be a part of fierce debates that allow you to convince others of your views. You find it to be no issue to argue your own view and you’re open-minded to hear about others their opinions. Your biggest strength however is still your ability to be curious about what others have to say. People respect this about you which is why they’re always interested in professional debates with you. 

Mercury in Taurus 

Someone with their Mercury in Taurus is much more interested in only learning about topics that they’re passionate about. You have a structured list of preferred topics which you hold dear to your heart. The pro of this strategy is your extensive knowledge and immense passion about these topics. For this reason, you become the designated person for information about these topics. The people around you admire your passion and respect your expertise. This allows you to be vocal about certain issues, because you know so much about these specific issues. 

Mercury in Gemini 

If your Mercury is in Gemini, you’re much more defined by your intelligence than you think. Your mind is continuously seeking new information. This is translated to your curiosity that doesn’t have barriers. You’re never afraid to ask difficult questions or to touch sensitive topics. Your wild curiosity gives you the energy to persevere through tough subjects. As a result of this, you’re more likely to be a part of big problems or controversial stories. Someone with their Mercury in Gemini is like a journalist that’s constantly trying to find answers to big issues. 

Mercury in Cancer 

Someone with their Mercury in Cancer is obsessed with discovering patterns. You’re keen on looking at the world in a philosophical way. This means that you question the status quo to form your own way of thinking. You like to be unconventional in your reasoning and your interpretations about the world. This also enables you to incorporate your own vision for the world. And your own personality in your reasoning. The people around you like to listen to your theories, because they admire your unique approach to the world. And your courage to shape your own thoughts. 

Mercury in Leo 

Someone with their Mercury in Leo is charismatic and a quite persuasive. You have a way of convincing others of your views and your solutions. This allows you to utilize others their newly found truth to your advantage. Because of this your influence on your community is great. People look up to your vision and your posture and find comfort in your assurances. As a result of this you can be a great leader that has no issue with taking uncertainties away for those that fall under them. All of this also allows you to always get your way. 

Mercury in Virgo 

Your Mercury in Virgo makes you analytical and good with numbers. You have no issue with diving into vast amounts of quantitative data or to solve complex math. This is due to your immense passion and interest in the subject. You willingly challenge yourself to test your knowledge and to apply your skills. As a result of this your performance when it comes to data-related topics is unmatched by your peers. They look up to you, because you solve complex problems so effortlessly. You can use this strength to have a big impact on the world. This is why you should keep expanding your knowledge and your skillset. 

Mercury in Libra 

Someone with their Mercury in Libra is an expert negotiator. You can be the glue that holds two completely opposite parties in contact with each other. Your way of managing conflict and reducing tensions allows you to get opposing parties in line. As a result of this, you’re also called upon for your objective opinion or your negotiating skills. The people around you see you as calm and collected. But most importantly it amazes them how you can manage to keep your own stress down. And yourself so collected and well put together. This doesn’t have to be a mystery per se, because Mercury influences this side of you. 

Mercury in Scorpio 

If your Mercury is in Scorpio, you have an eye for details. Your strength lies in your ability to be detailed and thorough in your work. This makes your work consistent and reliable. As a result of this your boss (and your clients) are more likely to trust you with big issues. This is also translated into your personal life. For example, your friends might put you in charge to plan the road trip. Because, you have an eye for planning and details. Your strength can also be used for your own good. It allows you to think thoroughly about your own life and where you want to be. As a result of this, you can plan your life much better to ensure your success. 

Mercury in Sagittarius 

Someone with their Mercury in Sagittarius likes the idea of exploring the unknown. This means that you’re not afraid to discover new paths or new information. You get an adrenaline rush when you face the unknown and when you’re left to figure something out. When all is said and done you also get a sense of achievement, because you’ve done something or discovered something for the first time. This motivates you even more to keep walking the undiscovered path. 

Mercury in Capricorn 

If your Mercury is in Capricorn, you are more practical instead of being theoretical. You like to absorb yourself into real-life issues. This allows you to get a better grasp and feel of the circumstances. Your social side also helps you to thrive in practical situations by enabling your empathy and your interest in people. You’re most suited to fix problems between groups that all have different perspectives and opinions. Your practicality and your social side will guide towards a solution that will satisfy all parties involved. This strength of yours can be used to make a huge impact in your community. 

Mercury in Aquarius 

Someone with their Mercury in Aquarius likes to be present in reality. This means that you like to see the world for what it is. As a result of this, you always try to find the underlying truth by using your intelligence and logic. You also like to be straight forward and direct with people. Because of this you don’t hesitate to tell the truth or to present the facts. However, the special thing about you is your willingness to discover the hidden meaning of the world. This leads you down the path of astrology or crystal healing. This indicates that you balance your realism with your spiritual interests. 

Mercury in Pisces 

Someone with their Mercury in Pisces is a great talker and presenter. You know how to engage with people. And you know how to transfer boring knowledge in a fun way. This is why the people around you like to hear you talk about your interests or your views. You give a deep meaning to rather simple and straight forward topics. This added dimension is the result of your outgoing nature. And your intelligence. If your Mercury is in Pisces, you should utilize your presenting skills to bring attention to major societal issues. Your impact will be great!

Why you should know what your Mercury Sign means

In short: by understanding your Mercury Sign you gain insight into your intelligence. More specifically, the way you use your brain to understand the world and to express your opinions. Your Mercury Sign also gives insight into how you impact the people around you with your thoughts and your values. 

The biggest strength of your Mercury Sign is giving you the ability to be scientific and an intellectual. With that being said Mercury doesn’t influence how you self-discover your spirituality. More or less, Mercury is concerned with education and gaining generally accepted knowledge. This type of knowledge is also important, because it allows humanity to progress and to innovate.  

By understanding your Mercury Sign you’ll gain insight into how your intelligence translates into real personality traits. This will allow you to better your debating skills. Or it will help you to broaden your horizon in terms of the science. 

Understanding your Mercury Sign is also important, because it makes you realize how other people see you. By interpreting your Mercury Sign you gain knowledge about the impact of your intelligence on others. And the opinions that go alongside this impact. 

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